Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup

Updated from the archives, July 26, 2014:

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 1

C'mon admit it, I know someone out there must have used hot dogs in their fried rice a time or two. :) Heck, I've even used bologna when I didn't have any other ready meats on hand.

But hey, when free bounty lands on my front porch, I heartily accept. Recently I was contacted by Britt McColl, who does public relations for Hoffy Extra Lean Beef Franks. She said, "Hoffy has developed a new way to make their famous, great-tasting beef franks using only lean beef without any fat trimmings. The result? Eighty percent less fat than other premium beef hot dogs. That’s about 2 grams of fat for a typical 45-gram serving versus 13 grams of fat in competing premium beef hot dogs."

Hmm. Low cal hot dogs didn't sound very appealing. But Hoffy's supplies Pink's hot dogs in case you didn't know. I have to admit, I've never actually eaten at Pink's. *Gasp.* I know! The shame! But I've at least heard of Pink's. I might live in SoCal but I like, totally (insert hair flipping here) don't consider myself a SoCal girl. As if! ;)

So I said yes to the offer of free hot dogs and this package was delivered to my door.

Friday, July 04, 2014

AltaMed's 8th Annual East LA Meets Napa & Beyond (Union Station) - Los Angeles

AltaMed's 8th Annual East LA Meets Napa & Beyond (Union Station) - Los Angeles 1

It's that time of year again for my favorite food and wine event, AltaMed's 8th Annual East LA Meets Napa & Beyond. The "Beyond" is a new addition to the title since the event now encompasses more than just East LA and Napa, but the focus has always been on Latino food and wineries. I wasn't able to make the previous year's event, but did attend the media preview for AltaMed's 7th Annual East LA Meets Napa. The highlight for me was when Chef John Sedlar took small groups of people on the roof of Playa Restaurant to check out his garden.

You can see previous posts of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Annual East LA Meets Napa events since offerings vary each year. With 60+ restaurants and wineries, all included in the ticket price, there is always so much to try. I noticed a lot more wineries this year too.

Dessert first! I couldn't resist the gorgeous display and had to check out Flantastic. I can't remember all the flavors I tried, but they truly were "flantastic"!

Red, White, and Blue Sangria

Red, White, and Blue White Wine Sangria 1

With temperatures hovering above 90 degrees for most of the week, I really wasn't in the mood for cooking, much less baking. I debated whether to make something to bring to Johannes' third birthday party, and while blogging the Red (Lingonberry), White (Brie), and Blue(berry) Puff Pastry Mini Tarts I made the previous year, got me thinking about what else I could with patriotic colors. I'd have to run to the store for strawberries and blueberries though and was feeling decidedly lazy. Plus, the party was in the early afternoon; too early to start drinking perhaps? It was just as well I came empty-handed as my cousin ordered quite the Armenian spread.

I couldn't get the thought of a red, white, and blue sangria out of my head so afterward, I stopped at the store to get the needed strawberries and blueberries. My neighbors invited me to a barbecue later that day and a pitcher of sangria was just right for sipping beside the pool.

Of course, you're not limited to strawberries for the red, watermelon or raspberries would work too. I used a pear and an apple for the white. And there's really few other readily available substitutes for blueberries, but if you can get your hands on some huckleberries or salal berries or Oregon grapes, those would work too.